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The Whisper Hearing System improves with every software upgrade.

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Announcing Whisper’s 5th Software Upgrade

What's new:

A New Feedback Cancellation System

With this new system you’ll be able to hear a wider range of sounds without feedback and access more of the customized range your hearing care professional set for you.
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With Whisper, Tomorrow sounds even better

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“Conversations with my partner are clearer and easier to understand when speaking at lower levels.”
Steve N.

Free and simple software upgrades.

Whisper is always learning, and software upgrades are always free. The software upgrades are included in your monthly plan so you never have to worry about your hearing aid becoming out of date. Installing a software upgrade is easy—it only takes a few minutes—and we’ll let you know when it’s time to update.

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The benefits of a learning hearing aid:

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Always up to date.

Enjoy the latest hearing technology as Whisper improves over time.

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Free software upgrades.

Software upgrades are always free.

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Easy installation.

Upgrades only take a few minutes.

Source: Whisper Research Center | MKT-0111D
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