30-Day Whisper Risk-Free Trial Offer Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: Oct 13, 2020
  • This offer, which is made to you by Whisper.ai, Inc. (“Whisper”), entitles you to use the   Whisper Hearing System (as defined in the Whisper Product Terms of Use) for a free trial.
  • To take advantage of this offer, you must meet all of the following criteria:
    • be a first-time user residing in the U.S. who has not previously taken or accepted any free offer of the Whisper Hearing System before
    • be approved by your Hearing Care Professional to use the Whisper Hearing System. Check with your Hearing Care Professional or local doctor’s office for more information and limitations.
    • be 18 years of age or older, and not prohibited from participating in this offer due to insurance coverage.
  • This offer is administered solely and completely at the discretion of third-party Hearing Care Professionals. Your Hearing Care Professional may charge you for diagnostics, exam, fitting, or other clinical services in connection with your trial. You are solely responsible for, and Whisper is not liable for, all fees charged by your Hearing Care Professional.
  • If you successfully redeem this offer, you may use the Whisper Hearing System only in accordance with the Whisper Trial Use Terms and Conditions and Whisper Product Terms of Use. These terms commence on the date your trial begins.
  • You must return the Whisper Hearing System to your Hearing Care Professional after the trial period ends.
  • Our offer is not available for customers in regions and/or states where it is prohibited by law.
  • Whisper reserves the right to deny, cancel, or change the offering of a Free Trial of the Whisper Hearing System at any time, or for any reason, without prior notice and with no liability.
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