Whisper Launches Third Major Upgrade to Its Learning Hearing Aid System

Third major software update to the Whisper Hearing System, giving users clearer conversations through Whisper’s upgraded Sound Separation Engine

SAN FRANCISCO – October 5, 2021 – Whisper today released its third upgrade for its flagship product, the Whisper Hearing System. Unlike other hearing aids, the Whisper Hearing System is a hearing aid that gets better over time. Today, Whisper released an upgrade to its proprietary, AI-based Sound Separation Engine that creates more contrast between voices and background noise, while helping Whisper wearers maintain a sense of their surroundings.

By increasing the contrast between voices and background noise, this latest upgrade makes it easier for Whisper wearers to focus on their conversation partner in more situations. Whisper is also increasing the amount of AI support users receive by activating the Sound Separation Engine 67% more of the time (based on average usage). 

In the year since the Whisper Hearing System launched, consumers who chose the Whisper Hearing System have received upgrades that:

  • Improved the algorithms in its Sound Separation Engine so that they could understand conversations more clearly (and more than 40% of their partners agreed as well).
  • Provided support for hands-free phone calls with the following popular Android phones: Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note10, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 4.
  • Provided their hearing care professional with more ways to fit their hearing aid to their unique hearing needs.

“Whisper has proven this year that patients can expect more from their hearing aids,” said Andrew Song, Co-Founder and CEO of Whisper. “With this new category of software-based learning hearing system, consumers can experience a hearing aid that gives them new features or benefits every few months.”

The Whisper Hearing System is available via two payment options and includes ongoing care from a licensed hearing care professional, regular software upgrades, and a 3-year warranty that not only covers the system itself but also loss and damage. Patients can start a monthly plan at $69/month for 36 months or purchase the system for $2,499. To sign up for a risk-free trial of the Whisper Hearing System, visit www.whisper.ai.

About Whisper 

Established in 2017, Whisper is a team of artificial intelligence, hearing care, hardware, and software experts coming together to solve the challenge of providing better hearing. We set out to make the Whisper Hearing System so our parents, grandparents, friends and teammates can have a tomorrow that sounds even better than today.


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